The Papal Court before the Reforms of 1969

The Papal Court was a long-standing extension of the role of the Roman Pontiff as both supreme head of the Catholic Church and the sovereign of the Papal States. The various offices were hereditary and held by old and illustrious Roman families. The role, composition, and status of the Papal Court was drastically changed in 1969 with the bull Pontificalis Domus. This bull effectively removed the role of the old nobility at the Papal Court.

The following are the hereditary offices of the Papal Court

Principal Officers

Hereditary Prince Assistants to the Papal Throne
The Princes Torlonia and the Princes Colonna

Marshal of the Holy Roman Church and Sacred Conclave
The Princes Chigi-Albani della Rovere

Grand Master of the Sacred Apostolic Hospice
Prince Alessandro Ruspoli, Prince of Cerveteri

Hereditary Quartermaster General
The Marquesses of Castel Romano

Hereditary Superintendant of the Stables of the Palaces
The Marquesses Crescenzi

Hereditary Superintendant of the Posts
The Princes di Arsoli

Keeper(s) of the Golden Rose
Intended for Members of Royal Houses - not hereditary

The Papal Guards

Captain Commander of the Noble Guard
Not an hereditary office - always a Roman Prince with the rank of Lieutenant General

Hereditary Standard Bearer of the Holy Roman Church
Holds the rank of Lieutenant General

Commandant of the Palatine Guard
Not an hereditary office







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