Rolls and Registers of Papal Knights

"There is no permanent register of Papal Knights. Names of recipients of Papal honors do not routinely appear in the Holy See's Annuario Pontificio"

- Rev. Federico Lombardi, Vatican spokesman

Acta Apostolicae Sedis

Official publication of the Holy See that records official state acts. Papal decorations and titles of nobility are longer state acts that convey precedence. Recipients of Papal Honors are not routinely listed in Acta Apostolicae Sedis; a select few are recorded in a sub-section of Acta, the Diarium Romanum. Recognition in the Diarium usually involves a representative Nunzio. Results may appear many months later, if at all. For example, Pope John Paul II created two Polish nobles as Papal Counts. That event, like select others, was reported in the international press yet never appeared in the published Acta.

Annuario Pontificio

More commonly known as the Holy See's "yearbook, the Annuario Pontifico is not an official state publication. It is published by the Vatican Library Press and does not list papal knights. The Annuario lists bishops, lesser prelates, and officials of the Roman Curia.

Annuario Romano

An unofficial, but authorized publication published by the Roman Official Press. The Annuario Romano lists Catholic bishops around the world. Occasionally, lesser prelates and papal knights may be included.

List of Gentlemen and Ladies of Distinction

An unofficial pamphlet published periodically for specific events listing select papal knights and nobles.

Diocesan Lists

Catholic dioceses participating in Papal Honors programs often maintain lists of papal knights within their jurisdiction. Such lists may include only Papal knights who are active in service to the diocese or men and women who received their knighthoods through nomination by that local bishop. Such lists should not be confused with a civic group, the Knights of Columbus. They are not Papal Knights.

Private Associations

Papal Knights that form private associations often maintain rolls of their active members. They sometimes their lists are made available to the public, sometimes they are kept private.








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